Yoga for Addiction Retreat Provided at the Sivananda Yoga Farm in California (Yoga of Recovery Retreat)

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 20, 2014

Yoga of Recovery Retreat is an chance to combine the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda with the instruments of restoration. It is open to all who are looking to overcome self-destructive or addictive tendencies.


This specific retreat deepens that nonetheless additional with Ayurveda, the health-related / holistic healing, sister science of Yoga. Ayurveda works at healing and purifying the body and thoughts, giving practical guidance on diet regime and way of life adjustments required to stay in harmony with the surroundings (both internal and exterior).


In this retreat, learners can learn about the Ayurvedic Constitution. This understanding can be of great gain in recognizing addictive behaviors and the demands and vulnerabilities that underlie them, empowering individuals in their healing process.


During the retreat, college students can also participate in day-to-day open up / ‘all programs’ twelve-Phase Conferences, where we chat about the knowledge, energy and hope in regard to any addictive practice we are recovering from. It is refreshing to be in a group that has the prospect to talk about a cross-variety of addictions like this – it makes it possible for us to share in a broader way and will help us produce far more openness and compassion about the two our very own lingering compulsions and the struggles of people with various ‘drug of choice’ than ours.


Remember to observe that the Yoga Farm needs alcohol / chemically dependent friends to have at least a few months of continuous sobriety, or at minimum have the stability to undertake a disciplined everyday plan.


The Yoga of Recovery Retreat provides collectively three powerful healing modalities – Yoga, Ayurveda and twelve-Step Restoration. This is the very first and only retreat that delivers this powerful mix. It is “the evolution of the answer.”



Retreat includes:




Aware peace classes&#13

Asana (bodily postures for all ranges)&#thirteen

Pranayama (respiratory workouts)&#13

Sattvic vegetarian diet regime&#13

Karma yoga (aiding with chores around the ashram)&#thirteen

Ayurveda workshops&#thirteen

Resources of recovery workshops&#13

Open up 12 ‘non-specific’ stage meetings&#13

Ayurvedic consultations and entire body therapies are available (additional price and pre-booking necessary)


Ayurveda and Resources of recovery workshops include:


Root triggers of habit&#thirteen

Therapeutic from habit using a multi-dimensional viewpoint&#thirteen

Cultivating sattva (peace and serenity)&#13

Education the head via Yoga and meditation&#13

Supporting health with Ayurveda&#thirteen

Positive pondering methods to assist restoration&#thirteen

Asana and Ayurveda for strengthening the body&#thirteen

Correct diet plan and how to try to eat&#thirteen

Parallels between yoga philosophy and 12-stage principles


Every day Routine&#thirteen

five:30 a.m. Wake up&#thirteen

six:00 a.m. Satsang: meditation, kirtan/chanting and discuss on yoga&#13

eight:00 a.m. Yoga asana class&#thirteen

ten:00 a.m. Vegetarian brunch&#thirteen

11:00 a.m. Karma Yoga (selfless provider)&#thirteen

twelve – 1 p.m. Yoga of restoration Workshop&#thirteen

1-three p.m. Free of charge Time (get edge of Ayurveda consultations and human body treatment options)&#thirteen

3 – four p.m. Open up ‘pan fellowship’ twelve Action-Meeting&#thirteen

4:thirty – six p.m. Yoga of Recovery Workshop&#13

6:00 p.m. Vegetarian meal&#13

eight:00 p.m. Satsang: meditation, kirtan chanting and talk on yoga&#13

ten:00 p.m. Lights out



Open to everyone – particularly advantageous to people beating dependancy and self-harmful behaviors and people with family members customers/histories of addiction. We demand alcohol/chemically dependent guests to have at the very least three months of ongoing sobriety.


The Yoga Farm also hosts a Yoga Nidra course, programs on Yogic philosophy, Yoga for back soreness and ayurvedic retreats, and an advanced teacher’s coaching program (ATTC). The Innovative Yoga Teacher’s Education Program aids graduates to deepen their non secular follow and their research of Hatha yoga, Vedanta philosophy, Raja yoga, anatomy and Sanskrit. The superior course offers learners an added possibility to apply under guidance in a supportive ambiance, which provides numerous with a improve of power and clarity.


About Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm &#thirteen

In 1971, Swami Vishnudevananda returned to California and established the third ashram in the younger Sivananda International business: the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm on 40 acres of land found in the Gold Place of the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Foothills in Northern California. The non-profit, non-sectarian ashram delivers yoga courses, retreats and instructor instruction programs for pupils of all talents. For more details, please visit


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