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How do I rideshare in a carpool or van?

There are several options available to commuters that wish to carpool with others that live in neighboring communities or close by. Listed below are a few resources that provide services for riders such as Carpool/Vanpool; MassRIDES, New Hampshire Programs and Park and Ride information. Carpool/Vanpool
Many commuters find it convenient to share a ride with others who live close to them and work at the same, or a nearby, employer. There are two ways to share a ride: carpooling and vanpooling.

* Carpools are groups of two or more commuters who share the responsibility of driving and save money on commuting costs, such as parking, gasoline and routine auto maintenance.
* Vanpools generally consist of 7 to 15 commuters who commute together in a van. Vanpool riders usually designate a driver and share the cost of leasing and operating a van for their commute. Vanpooling is most economical if the round-trip commute is at last 40 miles.
* If you live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire and commute to an employment site in Massachusetts, you can register for ridematching with MassRIDES in Massachusetts. If you live in New Hampshire, you can also contact the NH RideShare Program.

Many commuters who share a ride meet the others in their carpool or vanpool at a park and ride in central location. In the Route 3 North corridor, you can access park and ride lots in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

MassRIDES MassRIDES is a private non-profit organization that provides programs to support commuters who do not want to drive alone.

MassRIDES maintains a statewide database for carpool and vanpool ridematching. When you register for ridematching in the MassRIDES database, you will be sent a report that includes the names of all other individuals in the database who are potential matches for ridesharing. Also included in the report will be information about potential transit options for your commute..

MassRIDES also offers a variety of additional services for commuters including:

* The Transportation Services Directory, which lists transportation options by town.
* A car leasing program for carpools.Support for newly forming and existing vanpools.
* You can also contact MassRIDES directly at 1-888-4-COMMUTE for personalized commute planning and to find out if you are eligible for a vanpool subsidy.

New Hampshire Programs
The NH RideShare Program brings commuters together using computer matching based on home location, work destination and similar work schedules. The Nashua Regional Planning Commission also supports a variety of commuter service programs and provides an on-line ridematching form for the NH RideShare Program.

Park and Ride Lots
New Hampshire provides a number of park and ride lots, where commuters can meet to carpool or vanpool. In the Nashua area, lots for Route 3 North commuters can be found at the following locations along the FE Everett Turnpike:

* Exit 8, North Southwood Drive
* Exit 7, NH 101A at St. Laurent Street (Comfort Inn 99 Restaurant)
* Exit 5, NH 111 at West Hollis Street/Public Works Garage

In Massachusetts, a new park and ride lot is being constructed by Modern Continental in Tyngsborough on Route 113, adjacent to Route 3. Commuters are encouraged to use this lot as a place to meet for sharing a carpool or vanpool. Plans are also being developed to build a second park and ride lot further south in the corridor.

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