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Employers can suggest alternative means of travel and assist employees by introducing services provided by transportation complanies and initiative programs. We have provided information about popular venues for employers and employees who commute via the Route 3 roadway.
Support ridematching for carpools and vanpools
A carpool is a group of two or more individuals who commute together in a car. The riders in a carpool generally use their own vehicles and share driving responsibilities as well as commute-related expenses, such as gas. Vanpools generally consist of 7 to 15 individuals who ride together in a van, which they lease for commuting.

As an employer, you can help your employees to form carpools and vanpools by contacting MassRIDES, which maintains a state-wide database for ridematching.

Employers can also join a Transportation Management Association to provide ridematching and other commuter services to employees.

Support transit
As an employer, you can work with the transit provider(s) in your area to make them aware of the commuting needs of your employees. For information on the transit providers in the Route 3 North corridor, visit “Transit Options” under Information for Commuters. You can also link to the CARAVAN website for a comprehensive list of public transit providers and private bus carriers for all towns in Massachusetts.

Many employers, especially in suburban locations, provide shuttle services for their employees, who find that getting from a transit or commuter rail stop to a worksite can be difficult. Some employers work together through a Transportation Management Association to gain greater leverage when negotiating with transit providers and/or to jointly provide shuttle services.

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