Every day the Route 3 construction teams get asked a variety of questions regarding the expansion project, community involvement and about detours and road closings. We have put together a list of popular questions to assist you in getting the answers you are looking for. We update this page frequently to ensure that we are providing you with as much information as possible.

1. When will the project be completed?
–The Route 3 project is in its final stage. Crews will be working throughout the 2006 construction season on landscaping, drainage, performing various pavement repairs and installing permanent bridge joints along Route 3. Project completion is anticipated for the summer of 2006.

2. Is there any extra fill available on the project?
–There is no extra fill available on the Route 3 project. All of the fill will be reused, and the rock is being crushed and mixed with soil to create additional needed fill.

3. What are the spools of colored tubing being installed in the ground for?
–The spools are the backbone of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) being installed as part of the Route 3 Project. These cables are fiber optic cables being installed to provide complete surveillance of the highway. They will also be linked to message boards on the highway, similar to the ones seen on Route 128.

4. Sometimes I encounter nighttime detours on Route 3. Can I know about these in advance?
–Every Friday our website schedule page is updated and a weekly email is sent out to subscribers informing them of upcoming activities throughout the Route 3 corridor. The nighttime detours, local road closures and ramp closures remaining will be for milling and paving operations . To subscribe to our email alert system simply log-on to The Route 3 North Construction Official Site and sign-up for on-going construction schedules as well as incident notifications. Motorists can also contact Smart Traveler using *1 on their mobile phones for overnight construction updates.

5. Do you have a radio station?
–Yes, weekly construction updates are announced on 530 AM radio. These stations are available within a 4 mile radius of the following interchanges: Route 3/Route 128, Route 3/ I-495 and Route 3 and the New Hampshire State Line.

6. Why are you replacing all the bridges along the highway?
–We are replacing 47 bridge structures along the corridor to accommodate for the widening of the highway. These bridges are being built to meet the latest design standards. Although the project is adding one travel lane in each direction (3 total travel lanes), and two shoulders, the bridges are being built to accommodate 4 travel lanes. This way, if later down the line there is a need for widening again, the bridges will not need to be replaced. Bridges are also being raised to accommodate a 5 meter (16.5 foot) clearance.

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