Employer Programs – Implementation

Two of the most common ways to provide companies with an outlet for implementing these programs are to join a Transportation Management Association and contacting MassRIDES, a service that specializes in alternative commuting options such as carpooling.

* Join a Transportation Management Association (TMA)
A TMA is a private, nonprofit organization formed by a group of employers, property owners, public sector agencies and transit operators to addresses transportation issues in their local area. TMAs implement a variety of commuter service programs that facilitate the use of alternate travel modes by employees, such as ridematching for carpools and vanpools, bike and pedestrian amenities, parking management, guaranteed ride home programs, employer shuttles to transit, etc. TMA programs also often include incentives such as transit or vanpool subsidies or financial or other awards for employees who use alternate forms of transportation. TMA staff also work with member employers to offer flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting.

In addition to specific programs, TMAs provide information to employees of member companies regarding their transportation decisions and market commuting options through promotional events, newsletters, web sites, etc. TMAs also act to increase transportation options through negotiations with transit and other transportation agencies, as well as state and local governments.

TMAs are usually formed as public-private partnerships, with seed money from the state and matching contributions from member companies. After the initial start-up phase, TMAs can continue to apply for state funding to support new commuter programs.

Joining a TMA offers two primary advantages to an employer. First, the TMA offers a forum for companies in a particular geographic area to join forces and share resources to collaboratively address transportation issues of mutual interest and concern. Second, joining a TMA provides access to easy implementation of already established employee commuter service programs.

To find out about TMAs in your area please see the list of Massachusetts TMAs, through which you can link directly to each TMA website to learn more about the services offered.

If there is not a TMA in your area and you are interested in learning more about TMAs and exploring the possibility of starting one, visit the MassRIDES website and contact MassRIDES at 1-888-4-COMMUTE.

* Contact MassRIDES
MassRIDES is a private non-profit organization that provides programs to support commuters who do not want to drive alone. MassRIDE’s services are available to all commuters in Massachusetts as well as to New Hampshire residents who work in Massachusetts.

MassRIDES’s Commuter Services (1-888-4-commute)
o A state-wide database for ridematching and personalized and personalized commute planning.
o Vanpools assistance for leasing vehicles and maintaining ridership.
o A car lease program for carpools.
o A Transportation Services Directory, which lists transportation options by town

CARAVAN’s Corporate Services (1-888-4-COMMUTE)
o MassRIDE works with employers to determine the commuting patterns and needs of their employees and to determine the appropriate programs for individual employers to implement (e.g., transit pass sales or subsidies, carpool/vanpool programs, bicycle incentives, Guaranteed Ride Home Program, telecommuting).
o MassRIDE provides information and training for on-site Employee Transportation Coordinators.
o MassRIDE assists employers to provide vanpool services for their employees.
o MassRIDE helps employers assess the need for, and if appropriate, to organize shuttle services between the work site and transit.
o MassRIDE will create an on-site resource for housing information about various transportation programs and services.

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