This area of the Route 3 North Construction website provides information on the various transportation options available in the Route 3 North corridor, so that commuters can make informed decisions about the best way to travel during construction.

To help reduce the number of cars on the road and make travel during construction better for everyone, commuters can adopt a variety of strategies, such as:

* using an alternate travel mode like transit, carpooling or vanpooling
* adopting flexible work hours to commute when there is less traffic on the road
* telecommuting on some days instead of driving every day

By clicking on the Information for Commuters link, commuters can learn more about the travel options available to them and can find information about service providers, employer-provided transportation programs/benefits, organizations that offer commuter support programs and more.

Employers are also an important part of the commuting equation. To help retain a qualified workforce, many employers offer a variety of transportation benefits and develop policies that allow employees to work flexible hours or telecommute.

By clicking on the Information for Employers link, employers can learn more about the types of programs that can be offered in the workplace and how to implement them.

In addition to providing these web pages with information about commuting options, the project team is taking several other steps to keep traffic moving during construction, including:

* Keeping two lanes of traffic open in the peak direction during rush hours.
* Providing a project email list that gives periodic updates regarding schedules, traffic changes and general information about the Route 3 North Project.
* Using Variable Message Signs to inform travelers about construction related issues
* Constructing a park and ride lot in Tyngsborough for use by commuters.

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